On Time Appointment

At Dental Care Professionals, we are committed to keep up our time. We strictly follow the appointments until and unless it is an emergency. We value our time as well as the time our patients.

Magnification & Intraoral Camera

Without magnification it is very difficult to provide the accuracy of diagnoses and fine detail in restorative treatment that successful modern dentistry requires. The Professionals at the Dental Care Professionals use intra-oral cameras to demonstrate to patients the situations encountered in every case. It is using such diagnostic techniques that allow patient and dentist to work together to solve problems and achieve correct solutions.
Magnifying loupes such as those worn by other surgeons are routinely used to aid diagnosis and treatment, especially with Esthetic and Periodontal treatment multiplying the accuracy and perfection of the treatment. Fibre-optic illumination also helps in these situations.

Cross Infection & Sterilization

Sterilization & Prevention of Cross Infection is our First Priority. We take full care and follow strict sterilization protocol to prevent and control infections. The protocol is followed by default on every instrument, material, equipment or surface to prevention infection spreading. High Quality Air Filtering Air Conditioners prevent any aerosol in the Clinic Environment. First Quality disposables like Gloves, Mask, Sterilization Reels and Sterile Barriers help us control the spread of the Micro-Organisms.

Equipment & Materials

To maintain internationals standards DCP uses the best of equipment’s available today. Along with the skill of the Dental Care Professional, treatment offered to our patients is world class. We constantly upgrade our equipment and make sure that our clients get the best quality for a long duration.


All the materials used in our clinic is of highest quality and standards. The materials are imported from countries like USA, Japan, UK, Sweden, Netherlands and we do not use cheap unbranded chinese materials. You can be sure of the quality of materials we use.

Emergency Treatment

During office hours the clinic policy is to see patients with dental emergencies on the same day, wherever possible. After hours, there is a mobile telephone number audible on the practice allow access to a dentist when the clinic is closed.

RVG & X-Rays

Diagnosis is the key to success to any treatment. With digital X-Rays and low radiation machines, Dental Care Professionals promises safety of the patient with compromising on the quality of imaging. All radiation equipment is AERB standards and of highest quality.