Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal Therapy / pyorrhea

The infection of the gum is called Gingivitis and the infection of the gum and the jaw bone is called periodontist.

The tooth surrounding structures forms the tooth, bone and gums. Their health is important to maintain the strength of the tooth. This forms the foundation of the tooth.

Gum disease starts with bleeding gums. It is very important to get a checkup done to prevent the further progress of this disease. If left unchecked then this may lead to periodontist - puss produced in gums and finally tooth loss.

Gum treatment starts from a simple

Oral Prophylaxis or Scaling

Root Planning

Flap Surgery

Guided tissue Regeneration / GBR

Periodontist is can only be controlled and cannot be treated completely. It is necessary to have a regular routine check-up to have a check on the disease. The earlier the treatment is initiated the better the treatment outcome.